Open your Own Windows

They say when a door closes there is a window waiting to be opened. Do we wait for that window to open or do we open them ourselves and smell the crisp morning air? I’d say a little of both. When a door closes it means you’re not meant to go that way anymore. When that door closes, that path is then blocked off and we must find another way to go. That’s when the window comes in to play. Open the window for yourself. You cannot spend your entire life waiting for it to open on it’s own. Just create the path for yourself. Not a lot of people want to admit that they create their own world, their own life, their own… destiny I guess.

Open the window and feel the breeze. Don’t let the door closing bring down your spirits. The window probably hold more opportunity anyways. Jump out of the window and find what the world holds for you. You have to define your own life. Whatever you believe is what you will receive. Take the path that you want in life. You do not have anyone to blame for your shitty path in life but yourself. You create your own reality. It is completely up to you. Don’t let yourself down.

There isn’t too much that I can say about windows honestly. This post is me trying to write once a day to strengthen my writing muscles. Hopefully I can write once a day or at least once a week and write something that isn’t so cheesy, sappy, or cliche.


One Comment on “Open your Own Windows

  1. Dear Sydney,
    I tell my three children this all the time. They probably get tired of hearing it. But for some reasob, I feel that they truly do not grasp this truth to life.
    I always say to them, “tomorrow is to late, today is the time, no matter who you are, if you let this opportunity pass you by, you always regret it”
    Live with all you have, give what you can, always make today, right now count. That way you have less regrets.
    I know they have selective hearing. Lol


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