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I am more than certain that everyone, at some point in their life, has had to ask the question, “How do you do it”. Asking this question can either be a testament to the person being asked the question or it could be a cry for help. We can usually tell by the intonation in someone’s voice what is needed for an answer.

We have asked this question before and I’m sure everyone has had someone answer this question by simply saying “I just do” or “I don’t know”. I know that I have ask someone how they do it and have genuinely wanted to know what steps they took to achieve the result that they think I am just complementing by asking the question in the first place.

When asked this question by someone, the one thing I can ask of you is to answer the question to the best of your knowledge. What did  you do to get yourself to the point that you are? What can you tell that person to make them feel like they can walk away from the conversation feeling more confident that you know what you did?

I say these things because there have been times in my life where that sort of guidance would have helped.

I remember being lost in myself and seeing people, as confident individuals, being themselves and loving who they are in their own skin. Asking that question to them, the answer was always, “I just do” or “I just am”. Living a life that is special to you is critical and although your situation is specific to your life, there are ways you can help others get to the point where maybe they have a path follow.

In this life, there are things that we eventually have to figure out on our own. Nobody has any answers. Nobody has the secret key to the kingdom that is your happy ending. Only you can figure it out what your life is going to consist of but to be able to help someone else through the same predicament is really what genuine human connection is all about, right?

Step by confusing step, we walk and, sometimes, crawl through this life in search of what is going to make us happy. What is going to make one person happy is different from the next. There are moments in life that are going to be painful and figuring it out can be brutal but with the right people around, it isn’t so terrible. Asking for help and for answers to the most pressing questions could end up being a lot more beneficial than you may think.

Along with the scary, confusing, and thought provoking parts of our lives are the simple, beautiful, and serene moments. Wading through the rough patches can be the most gratifying thing in the long run. We have to make sure that the fleeting moments of positivity outweigh those which make us overwhelmingly unhappy. There are some moments in this life that you’ll want to hold onto forever and you’ll have to remember that beauty is not meant to be held captive or kept in a cage.

My advice to you, as I’m trying to figure this out myself, is to accept the help, love, and positivity as it comes. Let those around you be your beacon. And, for what it’s worth, I think you’re pretty cool.

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