A Letter to my Teenage Self

It does get better although, at the moment, it doesn’t feel like it. It takes a long while to find who you are so enjoy the ride. Learn to breathe through the pain. It’s not going anywhere but it calms eventually.

Accept Help. Let your loved ones in. They’re only trying to be there for you and, although you may not know it or feel it, they love you. The loved ones I am talking about are not the ones that see you body but the ones that see your soul. Accept the fact that some people will not see you the way that you deserve to be seen. You may not feel it now but you are beautiful, strong, and just as important as the person sitting next to you in class.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Regardless of how cliche it may sound, it is the truest statement that anyone will ever say to you. Never, in this life or any other, will everyone like you. You can’t please everyone so say what you think (without being hurtful) and be true to yourself.

You are worthy.  I am not trying to sound like some broken record here but you are worth the time, love, and patience of those around you. Just remember: you have to be willing to grow and adapt. You cannot stay the same person and expect those around you to change for you. What you put into this life you will, eventually, get back but you have to be patient.

Be willing to wait. Wait for what’s right. Don’t you dare settle for less than you deserve and remember the simple fact that we all accept the love that we think we deserve. The people that you surround yourself with are a direct representation of the kind of person that you are.

You have a choice. In everything that you do, you get to choose. This is your life and no one else gets to live it for you. That’s your job. Make it something that you can be proud of. You are the only one that gets the final say in what, ultimately, happens in your life so live it wisely.

Love without fear of the future. Do this but be cautious with you heart. Love the genuine people in your life and learn to wade through the people who want more than you have to offer them. When he tells you he loves you, believe him but don’t ignore the signs that tell you otherwise. People in your life will tell you, “actions speak louder than words” and they are right. Directly related to this theory is to say that if he doesn’t shower you with compliments every second of every day but he shows his love, care, and energy to you, also believe him when he says he loves you. Men are kind of complicated… and so are women so there’s no getting around that one. Sorry my love.

Listen. When Mom tells you, “You’ll find someone better”, LISTEN. Mom has always been right and I can guarantee she has never steered you wrong before. Yes, sometimes she’ll push her wants on you but that’s what moms do. Get over it.

Love yourself. It’s okay to say that you love yourself. It does not make you a narcissist. It makes you strong. It may seem, on some days, like there’s a hurricane in your chest but you’ll soon learn how to calm the storm inside yourself. Also keep in mind that you cannot truly give someone else the love that they deserve until you love yourself for all that you are and are yet to be.

Be humble. Always. Compliments are great but, remember, there is always going to be someone, somewhere, who is better at whatever the compliment is pertaining to. Allow for the compliments, say thank you, and always remember where you came from.

You are not invincible. Have fun but just know that you are human just like everyone else. You get one human life and you have people here that care about you. Take care of your beautiful body. Try to treat it the way that you would want someone else to take care of their own.

Take your own advice. All of your friends come to you for advice for a reason. You are brilliant. Learn to accept the advice that you are giving to others for yourself. You know what genuine human connection feels like so why accept anything less for yourself than you would want for your best friend, your sisters, your brothers, your mother, etc?

Fall in love with the silence. Lastly, I want you to fall in love with the silence. On those rare occasions when the thoughts finally quiet and the silence shows up to occupy the noisiest parts of your brain, take a moment to appreciate it for what it is and always, always keep your head above the noise.

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