5 Mental Health Benefits of Green Tea

1. Enhance Memory

Green tea has been proven to increase connectivity in the regions of the brain that are associated with memory. This study was conducted in 2014 at the University of Basel. Green Tea extract was given to a group of healthy individuals. After one dose per week for four weeks, it was found that green tea had helped to improve the memory of healthy people. 

2. Increase Mental Focus

Although Green tea has half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, it still help with your focus and awareness throughout the day. Being able to focus on your work is just as important as remembering the task that you’re supposed to be working on. Aside from Caffeine, an amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine, may help those with anxiety and attention deficits focus on their daily tasks. You’ll have to take the L-theanine in a supplement if you want to reap this benefit as there isn’t enough in a cup of green tea for it to make much of a difference. 

3. Combat Depression

Green tea may help lessen depressive symptoms. A study conducted by Public health nutrition in 2014 shows that individuals who drank 4 or more cups of green tea in a day were 51% less likely to show symptoms of depression. It is also known that just drinking one cup can temporary boost your mood. If you spend all day drinking green tea, why wouldn’t you start to feel happier?

4. Reduce stress

Green tea has been shown to reduce stress up to 20%. In people suffering from psychological distress the saw improvement by drinking 5 cups of green tea per day. Reducing stress can improve a lot of other physical ailments as well. Skin irritations, muscle fatigue, delayed motor function, and inflammation can all be results of living your life stressed out. 

5. Calm and Soothe

Green tea gives a great calming affect without making you drowsy. I have found that green tea is especially helpful when meditating. Drink one to two cups of green tea before meditating to help soothe the mind. This natural process will have you reaching a calmer state in no time. 

Your happiness is dependent on you and there are things that you can do for yourself to help your body along in the process. 

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