Passion is hard to find and even harder to hold on to. Passion manifests itself in so many ways. It can show up in the excitement in his voice when he talks about movies. It can show in her bounciness when she sees the new line of hair products being released from her favorite brand. It often shows in the sparkle in their eyes when they see each other.

Passion speaks volumes without a single word tumbling out of the mouth. Nothing really has to be spoken to see true passion. We can find it in an open field full of wildflowers. It can be discovered all alone, behind closed doors or in the large crowd of people at a bustling event. All of these opportunities, and some people still live their entire lives in search of it but never happen to find it.

Other times, we find it but never learn how to hold tight to it or nurture it the way that it deserves. Eventually, it slips into the spaces between our fingers.

If we are lucky, in our lifetime, we can find passion and live, love, and laugh honestly and fearlessly because, to find passion, is to find happiness.

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